Lamaze class

comprehensive eight week course That prepares familes to have a safe physioligical birth. You will learn evidence base information about labor dilivery, comfort measures and labor positions. you will also learn about self and infant care during the post partum period. *price includes birthing person and their support partner



CPR Training

Learn the steps for infant cpr in accordence with the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association *price is per family



Infant Care Training

Learn Evidence based tequniques on how to on how to care for your newest little family member! You will learn skills such as, the proper way to bathe, feed and diaper a baby. As well and swaddling tequniques and infant cpr. *This class is great for first time parents and siblings* **price icludes training for immediate family only, a $25 fee will be assesed for any aditional antendees