Other Services



Customized Birth Plan

You will receive a 60 minute phone call where we will dive deep into all your wishes for your birth experience. I will then create a custom birth plan that will be delivered to you within 48hrs


Placenta Encapsulation Services

Every mammal exacept humans ingest their placentas after delivery. What do they know that we dont? Recent studies have shown that ingesting your placenta has many health benefits that inculde: Higher Milk Production, Less bleeding after delivery, a decrease in post partum depression, and a decrease in cramping after delivery. Here at Gifted Hands we will take your placenta and turn them into easy to swallow capsules. You can learn more about the benefits of placenta ingestion at evidencebasedbirth.com *Gifted hands uses the chinese medicine method of encapsulation. Meaning we fully steam the placenta before encapsulation to eliminate any health risks that come from ingesting the placenta raw*



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